Good Food 100 Restaurants List

In 2020, information about anything is – quite literally – at our fingertips. But what do you Google when you want to learn more about your steak? The options are slim— there has yet to be an app for conscious eaters and bogging the waiter down with food sustainability questions puts one at risk for reenacting a Portlandia episode.

Today, the best way to vet the restaurant you’re eating at is to see if they’re featured on the Good Food 100 Restaurants List. A concept created by Sara Brito and Jeff Hermanson, and blessed by the James Beard Foundation, the Good Food 100 Restaurants offers insight into the business and purchasing practices of chefs and restaurants, and honors their commitment to good food and sustainable sourcing. When a restaurant on the Good Food 100 Restaurants List claims that something on their menu is locally sourced or grass fed – it truly is.

Featured restaurants come from across the country, with Colorado leading the way as the state with the highest number of participating chefs and restaurants, 37 this year. The list includes a wide range of restaurants and food service businesses, including fine dining, fast casual, and catering services, as well as grocery stores and specialty shops. In order to be featured on the annual Good Food 100 Restaurants list, chefs and restaurants must self-report their food purchasing data and business practices. The data is then analyzed by the Business Research Division at University of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds School of Business and verified by NSF.

Recognizing that no one link in the food chain can truly be healthy until every link in the food chain is healthy, the Good Food 100 Restaurants also publishes Good Food Farmer & Purveyor Guide. This guide is designed to help chefs and eaters find and source good food. The guide includes over 250 good food farmers, ranchers, distributors and purveyors from across the United States.

Edible Denver/Boulder/Ft. Collins Magazine is committed to sustainable food systems and practices. We seek to support small local farms and businesses whenever possible and believe that minimizing our environmental impact starts with learning about better ways to eat. The 2020 Good Food 100 Restaurants list featured 131 participating restaurants, nationwide. And we are confident that as awareness for food sustainability grows, this list will grow, too. The Good Food 100 Restaurants List has provided a template for strengthening all links in the food chain. As more eaters choose to vote with their forks and spend their food dollars at restaurants they trust, we’ll undoubtedly see a more transparent, local, and sustainable system that provides good food for all.

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