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Cured Wine and Cheese Pairing for the Tour de France

HOW IT WORKS: Will breaks the Tour into eight stages, each corresponding to 3-4 days of racing. Each region corresponds with a cheese and a beverage. As the riders make their way around France you’ll follow along, feeling thankful that while they’re suffering through the hills you’re enjoying cheese, wine, and entertainment from the comfort of your own home.


WHAT YOU GET: The pairing for each of the eight stages is available individually for $50 or as part of the whole package for $350 (the brie and bubbly are on Cured if you join along for the whole tour!). This year’s full tour bundle is available for pickup at Cured, or for $70 (for the whole tour, or $25 for an individual box stage) they will ship a box filled with that week’s stages. Shipping of the full package is only available in Colorado. For those who live out-of-state, Cured can ship the cheeses and provide wine and drink pairing recommendations, also for a flat $70 anywhere in the continental U.S.



STAGE 1, July 7: This year the race begins in the Loire Valley, famous for goat milk cheeses.  Cured starts its tour with Couronne de Fontenay paired with Catherine and Pierre Breton’s le Dilletante Sparkling Vouvray. From fields only miles apart, this pairing truly illustrates the pairing pillar “What grows together goes together”.  


STAGE 2 & 3, July 10 and 13: As the race heads into Brittany the pairings feature a cider from Aval paired with Pont l’Eveque, one of France’s benchmark “stinky cheeses”, before visiting Brie Country, where participants will enjoy Brie de Meaux alongside a bottle of Brasserie la Goute d’Or Saison.  


STAGE 4, July 16: The race then hops across to the Alps where Cured is sourcing a reserve wheel of Essex Cheese Company Comte to pair with the Jura’s Tissot Family DD Rouge.  


STAGE 5, July 20: As the race crosses Provence, Cured tosses a twist, featuring an American cheese, better than any they can import from France in the style typical of the region…Beltane from Rivers Edge Chevre will pair with Chateau Peyrassol’s Rose, a French classic.  


STAGE 6 & 7, July 23 and 27: As the race heads west and into the Auvergne and Pyrenees, Cured is pairing the Onetek Bleu de Basques with Dmn Gauby Les Calcinaires, one of southern France’s finest natural white wines, then Tomme Brulee with Ameztoi’s Rubentis Txakolina Rose.


STAGE 8, July 28: As always, Cured caps off the tour with Brie and Bubbly, this year featuring Will Studd’s Demi-Brillat Savarin with the La Caravelle Champagne.  

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