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Our Mission

Edible Denver, Boulder Ft. Collins is a quarterly publication that celebrates local farmers, artisans and producers. We share the stories of the dedicated people behind the food we eat with the goal of connecting our readers to them. By strengthening these connections, we hope to further promote a local food system that is not only delicious, but environmentally and economically sustainable.



Ashley has been interested in food for as long as she can remember. As a child, her Saturday mornings were spent watching Julia Child and Jacques Pepin. Immediately after college, she began her professional career at Niman Ranch. It was then that she began to understand her true passion for food. During her 11-year tenure at Niman Ranch, she held positions in both sales and marketing and had the opportunity to work with some of the nation’s best chefs. She also worked directly with many of Niman Ranch’s farmers. Through these connections, Ashley observed how intertwined chefs and farmers are to one another and how important those relationships are to the food system.

While our food system becomes increasingly industrialized, Ashley is hopeful that eaters are asking the right questions about how and where their food is produced. She believes it’s more important than ever to educate people about sourcing food locally and sustainably.



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Edible Denver, Boulder, Ft. Collins readers are savvy, connected, community-minded individuals with insatiable appetites for food knowledge and know-how. They influence their friends, setting trends in where to shop, where to eat, what to cook, what to drink and why.  By advertising with us, you will reach a broad audience of knowledgeable consumers who associate this magazine with the who’s who of the Denver, Boulder and Ft. Collins food community.